May Introductions

Wilder Events Co. — made up of 3 childhood best friends who use to wonder if they'd still know each other after high school, + here they are creating a business together full of passion, laughter, + beauty.

~ Why ain't life just a wild + unexpected adventure ~

Welcome to the minds of Wilder Events Co. aka Ellie (E), Sami (S), and Lexi (L):

1) When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

L: Oh gosh, so many things... Once a teacher, because I thought it'd be so fun grading tests and homework (I don't know why). Another time my friend and I started a clothing company in middle school called Just Duck where we embroidered little ducklings on our jeans. 

E: A dolphin trainer. I wish I had a different answer but I'm pretty sure the entire Green Valley Elementary School Class of 2006 is well aware that my one and only ambition in life was to be a dolphin trainer at Seaworld until I eventually grew up realized what a flawed institution SeaWorld was...oops!

S: I wanted to be a pop star and I also wanted to be a UN rep of government official for the Palau government, both are still secret desires of mine haha

2) If money and time weren't an issue, briefly describe the ultimate wedding you'd want to plan + design! (words, phrases, full on descriptions)

L: Well my personal goal for Wilder would be to have sustainability at the core of our mission, and consistently work with vendors that use eco-friendly, sustainable (social and environmental) methods, practices, and materials. I also want to do an ultra-adventurous wedding involving backpacking, skydiving or bungee jumping, and canoes on a lake, in whichever order that could work out haha..

E: Truth be told, we are currently planning a wedding that I would describe as my absolute dream wedding to plan! It is a small, intimate 4-day getaway taking place at a secluded lodge in the Sierras. The color palette is rich in autumn hues, the dinner will be served family style, and the whole experience is one centered around a tight-knit community of family and friends.

S: I would love to do an intimate rustic barn wedding with a small guest list, outdoor ceremony and a barn reception all lit up with string lights leading out to a patio where people can dance and grab a drink while sitting under the Edison bulb lights.

3) Spring is in full bloom! I know it's hard to choose, but what is/are your favorite flower(s)? 

L: All. But to name a handful: Icelandic poppies (but opium or bread seed poppy seedpods), peonies, ranunculuses, sweet peas, stock.

E: This is a tough question to answer because there are a few different ways to think about it. If I'm thinking about it in terms of scent, either gardenia or stargazer lilies. They are both some of the most fragrant blooms I can possibly think of and because I encountered them a lot as a child in and around my house, the scents are very incredibly nostalgic for me as well. However, if we're strictly speaking in terms of ~aesthetic~ I'd have to say either pink lisianthus or butterfly ranunculus. If I'm really going to be an asshole about it, I'd actually say my favorite flower isn't really a flower at all, but silver dollar eucalyptus. I'm a sucker for a lush silver dollar garland <3

S: My favorite flower is a hibiscus flower hands down!

4) What're you currently reading + watching?

L: Reading (all too many and not getting anywhere): Gardening at the Dragon's Gate; Sex at Dawn; Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat; The Sun and Her Flowers. Watching: I'm not consistently watching anything right now, but a little of the newest Portlandia and Grace & Frankie on repeat.

E: I'm currently/always watching The Office on a constant loop. However, I've recently lost any last shred of self-respect I had and begun watching The Bachelor...religiously... Also "Reading"...What is "reading"? 

S: Currently I’m re-watching game of thrones and I’m reading this book Rising Tides... it discusses the ideology behind climate refugees in the past and current geopolitical system... not exactly a Nicholas sparks novel.

5) We're 4 months in to 2018, what do you hope for the next 8 months for Wilder Events Co? What are you excited about? What are you nervous about?

L: I just hope we keep having fun, exploring our creative, adventurous sides, and creating beautiful weddings and events our clients will forever fondly remember. 

E: I'm excited for so many things with Wilder. We've had so much more success than I ever anticipated in our short time of being a (somewhat) well-oiled machine. If anything, one of the most rewarding aspects of working in this industry has been the ridiculously collaborative nature of it all. We creatives simply could not thrive without each other so I suppose one of my hopes is that I can continue to meet, create, and collaborate with many other talented individuals! I'm so excited to see our sweat, blood, and tears finally pay off as we begin to see the fruits of our hard work with our upcoming events. I don't really have much to be nervous about at this point. Although, I'm sure as our events approach, that will be a very different story...stay tuned.

S: I’m excited about the weddings we have coming up! Such unique and individual details involved with each one. I’m interested to face the learning experiences that are to come from each of them. I hope that the next 8 months bring growth and success to Wilder!!!

And that's a wrap! We'd love to learn more about you! You're always welcome to leave a comment below, and answer any of these questions we answered, or ask any of your own! 


~ Much love ~

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(Cover photo by Olivia Markle Photography)