March Introductions {beware: slightly explicit content}

Hey there again! If you're just stumbling upon us now, we're 3 childhood best friends, born and raised in the sweet northern Californian suburbs. Often times you'll find us exploring nearby hiking trails, eating at our local café (but mainly laughing our asses off and disturbing those around us in the establishment), & playing word games to pass the time, although usually it's just for the hell of it. So we've decided to include two of our favorite games we play together in order for you all to get to know us just a littttle bit better... [drumroll] ... Would You Rather and F*ck, Marry, Kill! 

— Let the games begin! —

Would You Rather...

1) Jump 5 years ahead in time or 5 years back in time?

S: Ugh neither….I guess 5 years back.. But i probably wouldn’t do anything differently, I loved the majority of it ;)

L: Well, if I went back in time it’d change where I’m at right now and all of my experiences I’ve had in the past 5 years, which I absolutely wouldn’t ever want to give up!! But if I fast forwarded then I’d lose 5 years of my life and I have this irrational fear of aging…. I don’t know… 5 years ahead?? I wouldn’t want to mess with what’s already happened and change other people’s lives too if I went back into time! Ugh, I’m glad I don’t really have to choose.

E: I want to go on record and say I MADE this question and it’s been stumping people for generations ever since. And by “generations” I mean maybe 1-1.5 years. Annnnnd go 5 years back but oh my god the homework.

2) Be able to teleport or fly?

S: Fly, but ugh teleportation would be so quick...still fly.

L: Fly! I’ve gone skydiving which is the closest I’ve felt to flying and it was AMAZING. Soaring over mountains and the coastline… you’d miss all of that in teleportation!

E: Teleport ddduuUuuuUuhhhHHHhh if people see you flying you basically just become a medical experiment.

3) Live on the beach or in the mountains?

S: Beach. 

L: I want to say both so badly. I’m going to say mountains as long as there’s a water source like a lake or a river nearby, I can go into. Although if it was a warm, 70˚+ ocean, that could be a game changer. I’ve just decided to find a town with both so I don’t have to make these tough decisions!

E: The mountains. Once I go to the beach, I have sand in my hair, car, purse, and basically everywhere else for a solid 6 months. I’m not very good at cleaning.

4) Be able to read minds or have x-ray vision?

S: Read minds, but hopefully I could control it to turn it off.

L: Read minds, mainly because I don’t really know what I would do with X-Ray vision..? What she said though about being able to turn it off ^^

E: X-Ray vision. I think I would quickly spiral into a bottomless pit of depression if I could hear what people were thinking all the time lol

5) Never have internet access again or never be able to take an airplane anywhere every again?

S: …..internet I guess...ugh but Netflix..still no internet over never traveling via airplane again.

L: Never have Internet again. I love traveling and could NEVER take a boat everywhere for 1) time/ impatience, but mainly 2) I get gnarly motion sickness. I’ve also experienced chunks of time without Internet access and yes it’s inconvenient sometimes, but absolutely not impossible to live without.

E: Never be able to take an airplane anywhere again. The ‘flix is just too important. Besides why were boats invented if not for this very predicament? Also cars. And trains. And feet.


F*ck, Mary, Kill — aka FMK — for those of you who don't know, FMK is a classic R-rated road trip game we find ourselves playing whenever we reach a state of boredom and need to spice up the car ride. It's simple, you list 3 people, and the others respond the fait of those 3 people (who you'd rather f*ck, marry, or neither & sadly [hypothetically] kill off). It's a great way to look into the minds (and sometimes shallowness or personality) of those around you.

So here's to a speed round of celebrity FMK... 

1) Austin Butler, James Franco and Taron Egerton

S: All of these are hard cause I don’t want to kill any of these men! F-Austin Butler, M- Taron Egerton and K- James Franco

L: F- Taron Egerton, M-James Franco, K- Austin Butler (sorry mainly I don’t know who you are….)

E: Didn’t know who two out three of those people were so this is solely based on looks (slash the knowledge that James franco is reportedly creepy). F- Austin Butler, M- Taron Egerton, K- James Franco

2) Ryan Gosling, Liam Hemsworth and Kit Harington

S: F-Liam Hemsworth, M- Kit Harington and K- Ryan Gosling

L: F- Liam Hemsworth, M- Kit Harington (there could be no other answer... Kit, if you're reading this, marry me?), K-Ryan Gosling

E: F- Liam, M- Kit, K- Ryan

3) Dave Franco, Zach Efron and Channing Tatum

S: F- Zach Efron, M- Dave Franco and K-Channing Tatum

L: Same. F- Zach Efron, M- Dave Franco and K-Channing Tatum

E: Marry Dave, Marry Dave, Marry Dave.

4) Ryan Reynolds, Dylan O’brien and Chris Pratt

S: F-Dylan O’Brien, M-Ryan Reynolds and K-Chris Pratt

L: F- Chris Pratt, M- Ryan Reynolds (although I would never want to get in the way of him and Blake Lively’s amazing marriage. I had him as F, but got sucked into a black hole reading his Twitter feed and he’s so damn funny I moved him over to 100% M), K- Dylan O’brien

E:  F- Ryan Reynolds (and Blake Lively), M- Chris Pratt, and who’s Dylan O Brien anyway?

5) Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Chris Wood

S: F-Ian Somerhalder, M-Chris Wood and K-Paul Wesley

L: I literally cannot put a face to any of these names…Google here we come.  F-Ian Somerhalder, M-Chris Wood and K-Paul Wesley

E: F- Paul, M- Ian, K- Chris

[side note: we obvi don't want to kill ANY of these men...]

Au revoir! 

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