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Ellie Harvey | Co-Founder

Born and raised in the East San Francisco Bay Area, Ellie discovered her passion for event planning at a young age. Whether it was coordinating a Leadership Summit for her Polly Pockets at the age of 6 or organizing the annual tea party for her American Girl dolls at age 9, Ellie was always in the midst of planning any number of events throughout her childhood. Although she now spends far less time with dolls, not much else has changed. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Communications, she began a career in the entertainment industry. With a strong background in film and television, she’s found herself most invigorated when she can combine her love for storytelling with her love for event planning (Enter: Wilder Events Co.). When she’s not planning events for Polly Pockets, American Girl dolls, or even real people, Ellie can be found binging The Office, smothering her pup (left), wolfing down Everything bagels, or guzzling liters of coffee. 


Lexi Fujii | Co-Founder

Lexi grew up in a small Bay Area town, nestled against Mt. Diablo, which must have been the catalyst for her love of the outdoors. She graduated with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems from UC Davis, leaving with a strong passion for food, agriculture, and community. From a young age, Lexi loved planning, from travel itineraries to organizing events, she owns an hour-by-hour daily planner in order to make sure she can fit in all of her “to-dos”, but more importantly her adventures, into a 24-hour period. Beyond being a lover of all things food, her cat, and traveling, she also loves love--especially that adventurous kind where you fall in love under waterfalls, on mountain tops, and in desert storms, and thus…Wilder. It’s the perfect match for someone who craves exploration, who plans everything from morning routines to next weekend’s escapades, and whose goal in life is to bring people together.


Sami Tkel | Co-Founder

A tried-and-true Bay Area native, Sami also grew up in the East Bay and graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz, where she received a degree in Politics. From a young age, she has always had an affinity for event planning, specifically with the hands-on production of various events which is why she's so excited to pursue her passion through Wilder! Outside of Wilder, Sami enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family-many of whom reside in Palau, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean. With this in mind, she hopes to use her political degree to one day influence Infrastructure and Land Policies in Small Island Developing States.