January Introductions

First thing first, let's start with a round of introductions...

We're Wilder Events Co., three childhood best friends who've know each other, for well... some may say way too long. We go all the way back to the age of playing foursquare, House, and stuffing our faces with after school snacks and then tricking the counselors into giving us more. We ran around the playground making weird faces and strange noises, knowing for sure we were the coolest kids in school. And how did we end up here almost 15 years later starting Wilder Events Co.? Because, girls rule and boys drool, and friends are the family we've chosen for ourselves (remember those good ol' sayings?). Through childhood make-believe, teenage angst, high school first-loves (and therefore heartbreaks), college change and growth, and into the present, we've been in each other's lives throughout it all. So why not make a wild and exciting dream come true surrounding everything we adore – adventure, love, and storytelling?

Well we figured you'd like to get to know us better since we are about to get to know you! What better way to do so than the age old Question Game. Welcome to the minds of Wilder Events Co. aka Ellie (E), Sami (S), and Lexi (L). 


What does Wilder Events Co. mean to you?

E:  Wilder means a whole laundry list of things to me. But besides being a chance to explore my passion for event planning and knack for design, more than anything else, it's been a chance for me to travel, create, and reconnect with some of my best and longest friends in the world — and of course to make new friends along the way!

S: Wilder Events means going beyond what is traditional; it’s making sure that you can show your love for another person in the most special way you can show it, because everyone's love story is unique. Even if that isn’t in a conventional way! 

L: Wilder embodies everything I love – adventure, exploration, romance, creativity, friendship and entrepreneurship. It allows me, and two of my childhood best friends to share our talents and create something beautiful together. I'd love to focus on adventurous, outdoor elopements and weddings where we have to trek through mountains and sh*t, and helicopter in grandma... I envision kayaks, hiking poles, or skydiving; something wild, something damn exciting! 

What is your favorite winter activity?

E: The answer I should say is curling up on the couch with good friends and a cup of hot cocoa. But the real answer is that my favorite winter (and spring/summer/fall) activity is barricading myself in my room and binge-watching The Office until I'm blue in the face. 

S: In the winter I love to get a hot drink and walk around at night looking at Christmas lights. String lights should be a year long decoration! 

L: I do love snowboarding, but my absolute favorite thing is to snuggle up in a cabin in the woods, while it's snowing outside, cuddled up with good friends, a bottle of wine, and a warm-wood burning fire. Mmm-mmm-mmm! 

What is your drink of choice?

E: Alcoholic: Sauvingon Blanc. Non-Alcoholic: Water. Or water with ice — I like to mix it up.

S: I love ginger ale and ginger beer honestly! If it’s a special occasion, I wouldn’t mind a rum float on top for a dark and stormy! 

L: When I'm out and about, I go for a gin and tonic (but that's mainly because I'm bad on the spot and can never remember any other drink names...), but just a bottle of good ol' beer will do for me!  

What is your favorite childhood movie?

E: It's got to be Love Actually. Besides just being a high quality piece of cinema, I love this movie because it makes me think of my friends and the countless times we've watched it together through childhood and into adulthood. I'd say I'm at 15 times and counting (It probably shouldn't qualify as a childhood movie but the rules were pretty loosey-goosey in my house).

S: I love Harry Potter, depends on the vibe for which one but 1, 4 and 7 are always top contenders.

L: Too many! At one point, definitely Parent Trap and Shrek, and then later on Devil Wears Prada alllll the way (I've watched it, no joke, at least 30 times... Ask Ellie or Sami!). 

Name 5 items you'd take with you if you were stranded on an island?

E: Iodine tablets, a tent, a handheld Video-Now player (a la 2004), spare batteries, and a hunting knife (I'm not here to make friends).

S: If I were stranded on a island I would make sure to stash a flare gun and some duct tape.

L: knife, veggie seeds, rope, a hammock, and a never-ending box of Cheez-its.

Well that's all folks, TTFN (ta ta for now, as our middle school self's would've said). Stay posted for more blog updates!

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